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Endorsed by qualified chiropractors

Chiropedic Black Label⁺


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Ultimate cooling addresses overheating

Chiropedic Blue Label


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5-Zone sleep system



All Zzz Atelier’s mattresses bearing the Chiropedic label are endorsed by qualified chiropractors. Our 5-Zone Sleep System is meticulously designed and test by qualified chiropractors for support and comfort accuracy. Each zone is uniquely constructed at the right size with the right coil thickness, coil turns and coil density to tailor to the average Asian weight and height, ensuring that the hips and shoulder region are given the correct support all night long. You can be sure the mattress you are sleeping on will deliver the proper ergonomic support your body needs.


OEKO-TEX is a declaration that promises to provide human-friendly textiles that do not contain any harmful substances. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is an authoritative test regime consisting of over 100 test standards, tested at 15 textile research institutions in Europe and Japan, and at internationally well-known research institutions in over 30 countries. This mattress is constructed with materials which obtain OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.This means the luxurious quilting you sleep on passed each and every one of those 100 strict test standards without fail, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.





EdgePlus support system is a hardened coil reinforced edge support system, where robust springs run from edge to edge. Designed to ensure each zone stays exactly where it is meant to be, it delivers exceptional stability and a firm seating edge, giving you the optimal support and undisturbed sleep.




Crafted from quality material and innovative engineering, Zzz Atelier’s spring system offers deep down support and superior durability. Our high elasticity pocketed alloy 6-turn coils are triple tempered, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Each coil is encased into individual fabric pockets that work independently at the right tension, following the innate contour of your body. This spring system not only isolates partner movement, but also provides support to the areas that need it most. Along with our EdgePlus support system, our mattresses will give you excellent support, stability and uncompromising level of comfort for years to come.

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